Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Eleanor Myatt

Eleanor Myatt

PhD Student


What motivates children to help others? What do children believe motivates others to help them? Do children’s perceptions of prosocial behaviours change across their development? How does adversity impact children’s prosocial development?


These are all questions that I want to answer with my master’s research which focuses on refugee children’s narratives about prosocial behaviour (e.g., a time they helped someone; a time someone helped them). The goal of my research is to gain an understanding about how these children reason about the motivations underlying prosocial actions, and how this reasoning is related to their overt prosocial behaviour and feelings of sympathy. In the future, I aim to investigate whether there are developmental differences between refugee and non-refugee children, when it comes to the development of prosociality."



Short C.V.



SSHRC CGS – Master’s (2017-2018)

Horace O. Frosty Steer Award in Psychology (2017)




Book Chapters


Malti, T., Zhang, L., Myatt, E., Peplak, J., & Acland, E., (submitted). Emotions in contexts of conflict and morality: Developmental perspectives. In V. Lobue, Perez-Edgar, K., Buss (Eds.), Handbook of Emotional Development.


Conference Presentations


Myatt, E., Song., J.-H., & Malti, T. (2018, May). Trust, sympathy, and emotion regulation in refugee children’s prosocial behaviour. Poster session to be presented at Development 2018, St. Catherines, ON, Canada.


Zhang, L., Myatt, E., Song, J., Elsayed, D., & Malti, T. (2018, July). Exploring prosocial emotions, reasoning, and behaviors, in refugee children: Do adverse experiences matter? Symposium presentation to be presented at the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development 2018 Conference, Queensland, Australia.








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