Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Emma Galarneau

Emma Galarneau

Ph.D. Student

Emotional Development and Resilience


I received a master's degree in developmental psychology from the University of Toronto in 2019 and a bachelor's degree in psychology from McGill University in 2017. My master’s research focused on the emotional processes (e.g., emotion regulation and emotion recognition) underlying children’s sympathy. Broadly, the goal of this research is to further our understanding of how children develop and use internal and external emotional information to navigate the social world. I am particularly interested in how environmental and family stressors affect children’s development of emotional skills, such as emotion regulation and emotion recognition.



Short C.V.



Ontario Graduate Scholarship

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's

University of Toronto Fellowship, Faculty of Arts and Science




Conference Presentations


Nitschke, J. P., Galarneau, E., Pruessner, J. C., & Bartz, J. A. (2017). Do you need a hand? The detrimental effects of rumination on helping behaviours after psychosocial stress. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 83, 12–13.




University of Toronto Mississauga