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Justine Ziolkowski

Justine Ziolkowski

Lab Manager


I am a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing a Specialist degree in Psychology. My fascination with neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying behaviour has led to my involvement in a comparative neuroanatomy study examining dopamine distribution in eusocial mammalian species at the Holmes Neuroscience Laboratory. As a NSERC Undergraduate Student Scholar, I continued my work with this exceptionally long-lived rodent, using immunofluorescence to investigate the maturation of adult-generated cells in neurogenic brain regions.


My research interests broadly encompass the interplay of neurobiological and social factors contributing to development, both at molecular levels, and within group paradigms. Specifically, I am interested in how stressful social environments contribute to atypical development, and how neurobiological systems regulate the formation of social bonds.



University of Toronto Mississauga
Illustration by Macarena Toro