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Dr. Marc Jambon

Dr. Marc Jambon

Post-Doctoral Fellow


I received my Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Rochester in 2016 under the advisement of Dr. Judith Smetana. I joined Dr. Malti’s laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow in September, 2017.


My research focuses on moral development in childhood and adolescence, with a particular interest in understanding why people engage in acts of harm, injustice, and unfairness towards others. This central question has guided my interest in the development of individual differences in preschoolers’ reasoning about moral and social norms, the connections between moral judgments, emotions, and behavior, and how different social experiences (e.g., with peers, family members, and the broader society) contribute to children’s and adolescents’ moral beliefs and values. I am also interested in developing new and improved methods to assess moral evaluations in early childhood. My ultimate goal is to help build a more integrated understanding of the crucial role that moral functioning plays in children’s broader social, emotional, and behavioral development.


Short C.V.

Honors and Awards


Outstanding Dissertation Commendation, University of Rochester (2017)

Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) Postdoctoral Travel Award, University of Calgary (2016)

Alfred Baldwin Research Award, University of Rochester (2013)

Helen & Vincent Nowlis Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Rochester (2012)




Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


Jambon, M., & Smetana, J. (in press). Socialization of moral judgments and reasoning. To appear in D. Laible, G. Carlo, & L. M. Padilla-Walker (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of parenting and moral development. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


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Selected Recent Presentations


Jambon, M., Mehmood, T., & Malti, T. (2018, May). It feels good to be bad: Interactive effects between sympathy and reward sensitivity on proactive aggression in middle childhood. Paper presented at Development 2018: A Canadian Conference on Developmental Psychology in St. Catherines, Ontario.


Colasante, T., Jambon, M., & Malti, T. (2018, May). Biological and social-emotional correlates of childhood aggression. Poster presented at Development 2018: A Canadian Conference on Developmental Psychology in St. Catherines, Ontario.


Jambon, M. (2017, November). Moral judgments and aggression in young children. Invited talk delivered to the Developmental Science Interest Group (DIG), University of Toronto.


Jambon, M., Madigan, S., Plamondon, A., & Jenkins, A. (2017, June). Developmental trajectories of physical aggression and prosocial behavior in young children. Poster presented at the 2nd Annual Owerko Centre Conference in Calgary, Alberta.








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