Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

2018: Journal Articles, Chapters, and Books

Zuffianò, A., Sette, S., Colasante, T., Buchman, M., & Malti, T. (2018). Cross-informant assessment of children’s sympathy: Disentangling trait and state agreement. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. doi:  10.3389/fams.2018.00008


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Beelmann, A., Malti, T., Noam, G.G., & Sommer, S. (2018). Innovation and integrity: Desiderata and future directions for prevention and intervention science. Prevention Science. Early online publication, January 25, 2018. →PDF


Malti, T., Dys, S. P., Colasante, T., & Peplak, J. (2018). Emotions and morality: New developmental perspectives. In C. Helwig (Vol. Ed.) and M. Harris (Series Ed.), Current issues in developmental psychology: New perspectives on moral development (pp. 55-72). New York: Psychology Press.










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