Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Dr. Redab Al-Janaideh


Developmental Psychology and Education


I received my PhD in the Developmental Psychology and Education program from the University of Toronto and joined the SEDI lab as a postdoctoral-fellow in September 2021. My research interest focuses on refugee and migrant children’s development, education, and wellbeing. My previous research has focused on examining the language, literacy development and well-being of refugee children in Canada. My current research focuses more on promoting refugee children’s wellbeing and social-emotional development through raising the awareness of child’s social-emotional development, and the impacts of child stress.



Peer-Reviewed Publications


Al-Janaideh, R., Tibi, S., Gottardo, A., Paradis, J., Chen, X. (under review). Morphology and Reading Skills in Arabic-speaking Refugee Children. Reading Research Quarterly.


Paradis, J., Soto-Corominas, A., Vitoroulis, I., Al-Janaideh, R., Chen, X., Gottardo, A., Georgiades, K., Jenkins, J. (under review). The role of socioemotional wellbeing difficulties and adversity in the L2 acquisition of first-generation refugee children. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition


Al-Janaideh, R., Speidel, R., Colasante, T., & Malti, T. (in preparation). A community-focused guide to adapting trauma-informed, social-emotional interventions for families who experience migration-related adversity.


Al-Janaideh, R., Cheng, Y., Jenkins, J., Vitoroulis, I., Soto-Corominas, A., Chen, X. (in preparation for submission). Moderation Effect and English Word Reading in Hyperactive Refugee Children: A Multi-Level Analysis.


Al-Janaideh, R., Hipfner-Boucher, K., Cleave, P., Chen, X. (2021). Contributions of Code-based and Oral Language Skills to Arabic and English Reading Comprehension in Arabic-English Bilinguals in the Elementary School Years. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 1-16.


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Al Janaideh, R. & Mahadin, R. (2015). " The Acquisition of the English Plural Morpheme and the Regular Past Tense Morpheme by Arabic-Speaking Students in Jordan". International Review of Social Sciences, vol.3 (11), 505-527.


Practical Publications


Al Janaideh, R., Raymond, K., Baddour, J., Burchell, D., & Chen, X. (manuscript in preparation). Teaching English in a Multilingual Context: The Importance of Environmental Factors.


Al Janaideh, R., Chen, X., (2021). Success and Challenges of Syrian Refugee Children in canada: Language, Literacy and Well-Being. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Project Report.


Burchell, D., Al Janaideh, R., Raymond, K., Baddour, J., & Chen, X. (2020). Integrating First Languages in the Classroom to Help Facilitate Student Success. In (H. Elsherief & M. Masson, eds.), Every Teacher is a Language Teacher (volume 1) (pp. 56-72). University of Ottawa (Bachelor of Education) Second Language Cohort.


Baddour, J., Hipfner-Boucher, K., Al Janaideh, R., Chen, X., (2020). A Snapchat of Progress: The development of English and Arabic Language and Literacy Skills of Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Canada. Accepted manuscript, Metropolis E-Books.


Paradis, J., Difani, M., Al-Janaideh, R., Daskalaki, E. (2018). Sentence Repetition Task in Arabic. Unpublished material, University of Alberta.


El-Baba, M., Al Janaideh, R., & Chen, X. (2018). Promoting Language, Literacy and Well-being of Syrian Refugee Children through Summer Camps. Canadian Diversity, vol.14 (3), 11-13.


Selected Recent Presentations


Al-Janaideh, R., Tibi, S., Chen, X., (2021, July 13-16). Morphology and Reading Skills Among Arabic-speaking Refugee Children. Accepted spoken paper at the Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Studies of Reading.


Al-Janaideh, R., Cleave, P., Paradis, J., Chen, X. (2021, July 13-17). Oral Language and Reading Comprehension in Arabic-English Immigrants and Refugees: A comparison. A paper accepted at the International association for the Study of Child Language. Philadelphia, USA.


Gottardo, A., Al Janaideh, R., Amin, N., Soto-Corominas, A., Chen, X., Wahib, F., Paradis, J. (2021, July 13-16). The Role of Age and Experience in Language and Literacy Attainment: An Examination of Different Age Groups of Syrian Refugee Children. Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting Society for the Scientific Study of Reading. Toronto, Canada.


Paradis, J., Soto-Corominas, A., Al Janaideh, R., Vitoroulis, I., Chen, X., Gottardo, A., Georgiades, K., & Jenkins, J. (July, 2021).  The role of socioemotional wellbeing and adversity factors in the L2 acquisition of first-generation refugee children.  Paper presented at the conference of the International Association for the Study of Child Language, Philadelphia, USA.


Al-Janaideh, R., Vitoroulis, I., Jenkins, J., Georgiades, K., Paradis, J., Soto-Corominas, A., Gottardo, A., Chen, X. (2020, July 8-11). English Skills and Social-Behavioral Wellbeing Predict English Word Reading. Accepted spoken paper at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Studies of Reading. Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Invited Speaker


Al-Janaideh, R., (2021, April, 20). ADHD Symptoms and English Word Reading in Refugee Children. CYRCC- COC Meeting. The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRCC).


Al-Janaideh, R., (2021, February). ADHD Symptoms and English Word Reading in Refugee Children. Literacy Theme Meeting. SSHRC Ensuring Full Literacy.


Al-Janaideh, R., Chen, X., (2019, April). Language and Literacy Development of Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Canada. American Educational Research Association (AERA)-BER SIG Business Meeting. Toronto, Canada. (Keynote speaker).


Al-Janaideh, R., Chen, X., (2018, September). Language and literacy Development of Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Canada. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. University of Toronto, ON, Canada.






Dr. Redab Al-Janaideh



University of Toronto Mississauga