Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Sebastian P. Dys

Dr. Sebastian P. Dys

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Developmental Psychology


It’s important for children to develop and experience emotions such as sympathy and remorse to motivate them to behave ethically. But why do some children experience such emotions, whereas others do not? Sebastian’s research tries to answer this question by examining how psychological processes impact how children feel in social situations across development. He does this using various approaches including eye tracking, emotion recognition technology, observational tasks, child interviews, and parent questionnaires. His work provides direction to parents, educators, and program developers interested in promoting children’s social and emotional development.

Awards and Scholarships


UTM Graduate Expansion Funds, Research Impact Award (2018)

UTM Graduate Research Colloquium Poster Award (2018)

William Line Memorial Graduate Scholarship (2017–2018)

Doctoral Completion Award, University of Toronto (2017–2018)

NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015–2017)

UTM Graduate Student Development Grants (2013–2016)

UTM Conference Travel Grants (2013–2016)

University of Toronto Best Psychology Poster Award (2013)

The Gladys Neale Graduate Award (2012)

Dr. Jaroslav Havelka Memorial Award (2010)

King’s Continuing Scholarships (2008–2011)

King’s Scholar Award (2007)



Short C.V.



Refereed Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


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