Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention Toronto

In press: Journal Articles, Chapters, and Books

Wong, T., Colasante, T., & Malti, T. (in press).  A longitudinal examination of school-related and mental health mediators linking emotion regulation to academic achievement. Journal of School Psychology.


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Speidel, R., Wong, T., Al-Janadeih, R., Colasante, T., & Malti, T. (in press). Nurturing child social-emotional development: Evaluation of a pre-post and 2-month follow-up uncontrolled pilot training for caregivers and educators. Pilot and Feasibility Studies.


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Galarneau, E., Speidel, R., Colasante, T., & Malti, T. (in press). Children’s sympathy: Recognition and regulation of sadness and anger. Social Development.








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