Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Stephanie Buono

Stephanie Buono

Visiting PhD Student

Emotion, Attention, and Technology


I am a PhD student in the Developmental Psychology & Education program at OISE. My research is broadly in emotional and cognitive processes during learning in the early elementary years. I study how children understand emotions in themselves and others, and how they use that knowledge to regulate emotions during learning. I am joining the SEDI lab to complete the outside project component of my degree. The focus of my project will be on emotional and attentional processes and the development of prosocial behaviours.




Short C.V.




OISE Graduate Student Research Fellowship (2018-2019)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2017-2018)

OISE Graduate Students Conference Travel Program (2016, 2017, 2018)

U of T School of Graduate Studies conference travel grant (2016, 2017)




Buono, S.C. & Jang, E.E. (In review) The effect of linguistics in English Language Learners’ mathematics assessment: A Differential Item Functioning (DIF) analysis


Buono, S.C. & Waring, T. (In review) Social Cognitive understanding in narratives between Montessori and public school students


Buono, S.C. & Woodruff, E. (submitted) The effect of negative emotions during a narrative task: A real-time Facial Action Coding System analysis.


Conference Presentations


Buono, S.C., & Woodruff, E. (2018) Emotions in academics: The differential effect of global and item-level processing in emerging literacy. International Congress of Applied Psychology: Montreal, QC


Buono, S.C. & Woodruff, E. (2018) An Analysis of Real-Time Emotions in Emerging Readers During Word Decoding. American Psychological Association’s Technology, Mind & Society conference: Washington, DC


Buono, S.C., Xu, Z. & Woodruff, E. (2018) A real-time Facial Action Coding System (FACS) analysis of the stability of confusion as a learning emotion. American Psychological Association’s Technology, Mind & Society conference: Washington, DC


Buono, S.C., Woodruff, E. & Kocaqi, E. (2018). The role of understanding characters’ minds in a narrative task: Effects on affect and performance. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting: New York, NY


Buono, S.C., Jang, E.E. & Woodruff, E. (2017) A latent profile analysis of 6-8 year olds reasoning abilities during a narrative task. Cognitive Development Society Biennial Meeting: Portland, OR


Buono, S.C. & Woodruff, E. (2017) How Social Cognitive Understanding Relates to Task Frustration and Impairs Performance on a Narrative Task. American Educational Research Association Annual meeting: San Antonio, TX


Buono, S.C. & Woodruff, E. (2016) Emotionality & Narrative Competence in Emerging Readers. Canadian Psychological Association 76th Annual Convention: Victoria, BC





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